• Over 98% of illness is caused by stress we create and the other 2% of illness is inherited through your epigenetics (DNA).

  • Over 90% of physicians in the U.S. are stressed out and 50% are burned out, so they are unable to assist you with your stress.

  • The World Health Organization says that workplace stress costs employers in the U.S.A. over $300 billion a year.

  • The World Health Organization has claimed that stress is a world wide epidemic

  • Stress not only ruins your health and gives you premature death, but it ruins your life, career, relationships and finances as well.

Healer to the Doctors, Kimberly Palm is empowering you to remove the barriers that are keeping you from achieving what you want, by guiding you through the ins and outs of stress and teaching you how to prevent it and eradicate it from your life completely. With fun, easy and life-changing tools that you can use every day, she thoughtfully leads you to master having greater health, more happiness and success.  

Palm points out that we cannot depend on doctors and insurance companies alone to heal ourselves. Learn how to heal your body, mind and spirit with Conquering Stress - The Real Fountain of Youth.

Over 98% of illness is caused by stress that we ourselves create. To live longer, healthier and happier lives you need a real "fountain of youth." The much anticipated guide by acclaimed speaker, health and life coach and Healer to the Doctors, Kimberly Palm, Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth, provides you the most comprehensive, easy to understand, research-based information, allowing you to take control and quickly incorporate vital changes into your days and allow you to live longer, happier and healthier.


 Feeling tired, overwhelmed
• Feeling unhappy with life
• Feeling stuck or have issues moving forward with plans, career and projects
• Trouble sleeping at night
• Lack of self-care because of putting everything else first or don’t have time.
• Burn out
• Poor decision making or inability to make decisions
• Health issues and/or weight issues
• Decreased focus and productivity
• Work-Life Balance Problems
• Feeling empty inside
• Having relationship issues or sexual issues
• Having time management issues. Plate is always overfull
• Not living with purpose or knowing what purpose is
• Money/finances or retirement worries
Kimberly Palm  is the owner and founder of Body & Mind Healing, LLC where she works as an internationally known stress reduction expert, health coach, author and motivational speaker. Kimberly is creator of the P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System®, Healer to the Doctors™ and Mind Power for Success™ programs. She combines decades of intensive research, teaching, coaching and speaking experience to help people have healthier and happier lives. Kimberly enjoys traveling all over the world teaching, coaching and learning from other experts as she maintains her commitment to helping people discover how to live happier and healthier lives.  

​To contact Kimberly Palm or find out more about her coaching programs, media requests, book her for speaking engagements or more please visit http://www.kimpalm.com
“My health is the best it has been in many years due to your help. Thank you so much for your health insights and showing me a better way to live.” ~ T.S. – Duvall WA
"Conquering Stress is loaded with information to help you manage your stress!”  ~ Dean Shrock, Ph.D., author of Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing and Why Love Heals

“Kimberly has synthesized a comprehensive approach to not only managing, but also defeating stress. Unfortunately many suffer and have very little idea where or whom to turn for help. In her book, Conquering Stress, the reader is given concrete and proven methods for determining the cause and developing healthy and practical solutions that work. I applaud her for the depth of knowledge and wealth of resources shared and am confident anyone reading this book will come away with a solid plan of attack in the battle against stress.” ~ Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.

"Kimberly Palm's book is an amazing reference guide for healthy and conscious living. Her research reflects her in depth journey into personal and planetary healing approaches. Beautifully written and formatted for all types of seekers and advanced practitioners, her book is a must "travel companion" for all those seeking holistic healing and inner peace".  ~ Kenji Kumara, Quantum Lightweaving®

“I can only describe Conquering Stress as a landmark work in the area of Stress Management. It is easily the most comprehensive book of its kind, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of Stress. Even though I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist for more than 40 years and deal with Stress Management in my practice there was much here that I did not know. Both the layman and therapist will find this a valuable resource.”  ~ Bruce E. Kaloski, Ph.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of The Case for Reincarnation

“Brilliantly Comprehensive, a Must Read! If you are human, live on planet earth you are stressed, guaranteed! The only question is... Do you have a plan to manage that stress or not? Kimberly Palm has not only done a comprehensive job in covering all the causes and types of stress we may have, but has given us a brilliantly comprehensive guide with tools for managing that stress before it makes us ill or even kills us. If you are suffering with any health challenge it is likely to be stress related. Conquering Stress gives you the tools necessary to change your life and claim your right to live healthy and pain free.” ~ Krystalya Marie,  Best Selling Co-Author with Deepak Chopra & Wayne Dyer, Author of the One-Minute Energy Tune-Up series of books and products.

"Whether you are looking to identify the sources of stress in your life or understand its nature, or if you desire new approaches to stress reduction, this book will help. Congratulations to Kimberly Palm for creating this helpful and well organized guide through the 21st century epidemic of stress induced dis-ease.”  ~ Dr. Julie Glass, ND

"Throughout the years, I’ve read countless books about stress and stress management. Like most people in today’s frenetic world, I’m always looking for great tips and clues about how to handle stress better. This new book by Kimberly Palm is the best and most comprehensive book on the subject and the most innovative approach to stress management I have yet to run across.”   ~ Dr. John B. Charnay, film and television producer, writer, editor and fundraising consultant, life and career coach and the Southland’s most award winning public relations and marketing expert.

“From the very essence of love, Kimberly Palm gifts Humanity a most important, transformative treasure with Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth. Never judgmental or preachy, and in a language both easy to read and rich with multidimensional wisdom, Ms. Palm expertly crafts what is the most pervasive global health issue of our times as if she personally sits with the reader, her bedside manner purely empathetic and impeccable. Sifting through the cultural blinders and misinformation about stress, with ease she brings to the surface the true causes of stress and also allows the reader to make up their own mind. And with grace she offers the solutions. Most rare indeed is a work devoted to a healthcare, medical, bio-psychological subject so truly rooted in the heart, wherefrom all healing is born.”  ~ Pietro de la Luna, Healer and author of the Yeshu'a series

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Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth, is a masterfully written introduction to the one-of-a-kind P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System® developed by renowned speaker, life coach and Healer to the Doctors, Kimberly Palm, as a thoughtfully crafted, comprehensive examination of precisely what the definition of stress really is and how it effects every human being on the planet. 

Created as a mindful, research-driven guide, Kimberly gives you unique information and insights about stress and how it really affects you. Offering practical tools and materialConquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth, gives the reader a never before seen guide and proprietary program that allows you to truly conquer thousands of types of stress. This book teaches you the various types of stress, how to recognize stress, pinpoint the causes, determine how it is impacting your life and your health - and gives you meaningful tools that you can use TODAY to prevent, reduce, eradicate and conquer stress completely.  

"I am so excited to put the decades of experience I have gained in the medical and healing fields to work for YOU, the reader in my book, Conquering Stress:  The Real Fountain of Youth. I want to empower everyone with more insightful and scientific information to help them truly transform their lives and discover the real fountain of youth."  ~ Kimberly Palm
Over 98% of illness is caused by stress that we ourselves create. To live longer, healthier and happier lives you need a real "fountain of youth." The first step in this is learning to recognize various types of stress affecting you, and being armed with both intuitive and scientific knowledge to start creating a life filled with happiness and good health. Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth also provides you an easy-to-follow guide to create your own personal Stress Management System and Total Life Makeover Plan that you can use every day to quickly incorporate changes into your days and allow you to live longer, happier and healthier.

How to create your own personalized Total Life Makeover

How to create your own personal Stress Management Tool Kit